Community Noise : Transpotation Noise

생활소음종합대책 : 교통소음

  • 손정곤 ((주)동일기술공사, 환경부) ;
  • 김정수 (홍익대학교, 기계.시스템디자인 공학과) ;
  • 김홍찬 (홍익대학교)
  • Published : 2006.05.01


This study is a part of ???A study of the community noise:new guideline and policy' which have three main topics and ten sub-topics. Accordingly this part deals with a transpotation noise specifying road traffic ,railroad and aircraft noise, respectively. At first, the ,roadside traffic noise of whole country in 2004 ,22 major cities of total 29 was exceeded the envionmetal noise standards, 55dB(A) at night time ,therefore 24 milion people ,52.4% of korean, who reside at roadside estimates to be exposured the basic problems of this serious noise polluation comes from:: i)It's very limited noise mitigation measures against to continuously increase the number of automobile yearly. ii) and at beginning of road design, It has been neglect to introduce the anti-noise design and layout of road structural scheme as gadient,cutting and viaduct,embankment and zonning of roadside land-buffer area and also re-designation of noise sensitive areas,etc. Secondly ,concerned with the railroad trafffic noise, a inhabitants who are over the envionmetal noise limits,70dB(A), 65 dB(A) in day and night for 34 locations of mayor cities was exposured of 167,000 and 329,000 respectively. With the development of noise mitigation schemes in line with this study it is likely that noise monitoring system needs new installation as well as common use of noise assessment index with $L_{MAX}\;and\;L_{EQ}$. Lastly,noise complaints of millitary aircraft has been rapidly increasing ,so 2.9%(1.4 minion) person demands a compansation of \2,133 billion complying with their requirements we suggest to minimise the airport noise that is to develop of noise abatement procedure ,to make new noise index, to increase budget for house insulations and also to more increase of those the noise monitoring system and to unify the management etc.