Methodological Study for Recycle of Chemical Mechanical Polishing Slurry

슬러리 Modification 에 대한 연구

  • Published : 2006.06.22


To investigate the recycle possibility of slurry for the oxide-chemical mechanical polishing (oxide-CMP) application, three kinds of retreated methods were introduced as follows: First, the effects on the addition of silica abrasives and the diluted silica slurry (DSS) on CMP performances were investigated. Second, the characteristics of mixed abrasive slurry (MAS) using non-annealed and annealed alumina ($Al_2O_3$) powder as an abrasive added within DSS were evaluated to achieve the improvement of removal rates (RRs) and within-wafer non-uniformity (WIWNU%). Third, the oxide-CMP wastewater was examined in order to evaluate the possible ways of reusing it. And then, we have discussed the CMP characteristics of silica slurry retreated by mixing of original slurry and used slurry (MOS).