Gene Expression study of human chromosomal aneuploid

  • Lee Su-Man (Functional Genomics Lab. Dept. of Medicine Pochon CHA University)
  • Published : 2006.02.01


Chromosomal copy number changes (aneuploidies) are common in human populations. The extra chromosome can affect gene expression by whole-genome level. By gene expression microarray analysis, we want to find aberrant gene expression due to aneuploidies in Klinefelter (+X) and Down syndrome (+21). We have analyzed the inactivation status of X-linked genes in Klinefelter Syndrome (KS) by using X-linked cDNA microarray and cSNP analysis. We analyzed the expression of 190 X-linked genes by cDNA microarray from the lymphocytes of five KS patients and five females (XX) with normal males (XY) controls. cDNA microarray experiments and cSNP analysis showed the differentially expressed genes were similar between KS and XX cases. To analyze the differential gene expressions in Down Syndrome (DS), Amniotic Fluid (AF)cells were collected from 12 pregnancies at $16{\sim}18$ weeks of gestation in DS (n=6) and normal (n=6) subjects. We also analysis AF cells for a DNA microarray system and compared the chip data with two dimensional protein gel analysis of amniotic fluid. Our data may provide the basis for a more systematic identification of biological markers of fetal DS, thus leading to an improved understanding of pathogenesis for fetal DS.