Research for Protection Relay of Static Condenser Bank

SC 전용 보호계전기 개발

  • Published : 2006.05.26


SC(Static Condenser) in KEPCO is used in voltage control and power factor compensation. Currently KEPCO uses SC to 154kv 50MVA and 23kv SMVA. It is not important in old days because a SC bank accident has no effect on power system. But we are interested in the SC bank for power quality in these days. The SC Bank has a reactor and a condenser using series connection. It is operated in critical point for resonance circuit normally. Therefore the SC bank has a small reliability against other Power instruments. If a 4th harmonic frequency as a resonance frequency is supplied in system, the condenser is damaged because of a resonance current. And a trip and a closing for CB(Circuit Breaker) in many times will have a big influence of SC bank destruction. General OCR(Over Current Relay) observing SC bank is not useful for this protection We think that protection relay must be have the SC bank characteristics. A solution for this problem is active Power, resonance frequency and impedance.