Operation Characteristics of Coal Syngas Production and DME Conversion Facilities

석탄 합성가스 제조 및 화학원료(DME) 전환설비의 운전 특성

  • 정석우 (고등기술연구원 플랜트엔지니어링센터) ;
  • 김문현 (고등기술연구원 플랜트엔지니어링센터) ;
  • 이승종 (고등기술연구원 플랜트엔지니어링센터) ;
  • 윤용승 (고등기술연구원 플랜트엔지니어링센터)
  • Published : 2006.11.23


In this study, the syngas producing facility that consists of pulverized coal feeding/gasification and hot gas clean-up system was tested for Indonesian subbituminous coal. And the DME conversion facilities have been developed and tested for converting syngas to DME by reactions with catalysts. So, the entrained-bed slagging type pi lot scale coal gasifier was operated normally in the temperature range of $1,400{\sim}1,450^{\circ}C,\;7{\sim}8kg/cm^2$ pressure. And Roto middle coal produced syngas that has a composition of $36{\sim}38%$ CO, $14{\sim}16%\;H_2,\;and\;5{\sim}8%\;CO_2$. Particulates in syngas were 99.8% removed by metal filters. $H_2S$ composition in syngas was also desulfurized by the Fe chelate system to yield less than 0.1 ppm level. When the clean syngas $70{\sim}100 Nm^3/h$ was provided to DME conversion rector, normally operated in the temperature range of $230{\sim}250^{\circ}C$ and $60kg/cm^2$ pressure, 4.5% DME was yielded.