The Implementation of Web Services System for Realtime Finger Recognition in Mobile Environments

모바일 환경에서 실시간 지문인식을 위한 웹 서비스 시스템 구현

  • Published : 2006.11.10


In this paper implemented that PDA sends finger images and can finger recognition web service system in realtime. Finger recognition web service system received the finger images and return the recognition result as XML style. because of this it can offer the same service to using wireless PDA as well as using wire internet client. This system consist of mobile client and finger recognition web service provider. Mobile client request finger recognition web service provider using DIME with taken finger image. We can easily receive and see the result of finger recognition without mass finger database in limited storage space of PDA. Finger recognition web service provider offers that receiving finger images and calling finger recognition system after the recognition return the result.