Verification and Development of Lighting Design Data for Office in Korea (Focused on the Evaluation of Lighting Energy and Cooling Load)

사무소를 위한 조명설계 자료의 개발과 검증 (조명에너지와 냉방부하를 중심으로)

  • Kim, Eun-Hee (Dept. of Architectural Engineering, Graduate School, Inha University) ;
  • Suh, Seung-Jik (School of Architecture, Inha University)
  • 김은희 (인하대학교 건축학부 대학원) ;
  • 서승직 (인하대학교 건축학부)
  • Published : 2006.06.21


This paper aimed to verify and develop lighting design data for offices in Korea. It focused on a Korean standard office value relative to lighting density and the evaluation of lighting energy and cooling load. When planning indoor lighting design, we generally utilize the lighting density value which is set $14W/m^2$ by the ASHRAE/IES standard office value. However, the value is not appropriate to apply in Korea where higher efficiency lamps are more popular than others. For calculation of a proper lighting density of Korea, we analysed distribution curves of luminous intensity(2-lamp fluorescent lighting fixture with Parabolic) and derived the new lighting density $12.64W/m^2$ as Korea standard office value. In the simulation using this value, it was shown that lighting energy and cooling load could be reduced.