Fire Hazard Analysis and Performance Based Fire safety Design for the Clean Room in Semiconductor Factory

반도체공장 Clean Room에 대한 화재요인 분석 및 성능위주 화재안전설계

  • Published : 2006.11.18


This research analyzes clean room major fire prevention standard of clean Room (FM, IRI, and NFPA Code), the structure of Performance-Based Fire Safety Design (PBD) applied the korean fire industry situation. Performance-Based Fire Safety can operate effectively the performance of fire protection equipment & building design, so the fitness of fire safety system can be embodied by operating this. moreover, cost to be consume fire safety of real building can reduce and Performance-Based Fire Safety is considered to important technique in fire protection field. A fire in a clean room may cause a serious loss by spreading smoke particles. We will be investigated by using a computational fluid dynamics, for loss prevention by smoke spreading from one fire area to another for clean room and compared the Performance-Based Fire Safety Design with the prescriptive code design. The methodology of fire safety performance-based fire safety design and guarantee of many kinds design skill of fire system and developing design procedure will be very serious one in order to improve efficiency of domestic system. Therefore, This research will be contributing to secure safety of clean room and to set up the performance-based fire safety design in Korea by regulation for the performance-based fire safety design effectively.