Excessive Condition Interpretation of a Exciter Circuit to Prevent Starting Failure of Large Synchronous Motor

대형 동기 전동기 기동실패방지를 위한 여자기회로 과도현상 해석

  • Published : 2006.07.12


According to the rapid growth of high speed and precise industry, the application of synchronous motor has been increased. In the application fields, the large synchronous motor is not a self-starting motor. The rotor is heavy and, from a dead stop, it is impossible to bring the rotor into magnetic lock with the rotating magnetic field for this reason, all synchronous motor have some kinds of starting device. A simple starter is another motor which brings the rotor up to approximately 96 percent of it synchronous speed. The starting motor is disconnected and the rotor locks in step with the rotating field. The more commony used starting method is to have the rotor to include a squirrel cage indution winding. This indution winding brings the rotor almost to synchronous speed as an induction motor. So, this paper describes excessive condition interpretation of a exciter circuit to prevent starting failure of large synchronous motor. the large synchronous motor needs safety of it in accordance with operating frequent start and stop. the operating Problem point of synchronous motor appears potential element damage of Exciter circuit because synchronous motor is caused synchronous separation. hence we eliminate it and improve starting toque.