Real-coded genetic algorithm for identification of time-delay process

  • Shin, Gang-Wook (Korea Institute of Water and Environment, KOWACO) ;
  • Lee, Tae-Bong (Dept. of Electronics Information Eng, Kyungwon College)
  • Published : 2005.06.02


FOPDT(First-Order Plus Dead-Time) and SOPDT(Second-Order Plus Dead-Time) process, which are used as the most useful process in industry, are difficult about process identification because of the long dead-time problem and the model mismatch problem. Thus, the accuracy of process identification is the most important problem in FOPDT and SOPDT process control. In this paper, we proposed the real-coded genetic algorithm for identification of FOPDT and SOPDT processes. The proposed method using real-coding genetic algorithm shows better performance characteristic comparing with the existing an area-based identification method and a directed identification method that use step-test responses. The proposed strategy obtained useful result through a number of simulation examples.