A Study on the Microstructure and Thermal Sensor Devices of the Thin Films in the $BaTiO_3$ Systems

$BaTiO_3$계 세라믹의 미세구조와 열전센서에 관한 연구

  • Song, Min-Jong (Department of Medical Information Engineering, Kwang-Ju Health College)
  • 송민종 (광주보건대학 의료정보공학과)
  • Published : 2005.05.27


Thin films of $BaTiO_3$ system were prepared by radio frequency(rf)/dc magnetron sputtering method. We have investigated crystal structure, surface morphology and PTCR(positive-temperature coefficient of resistance) characteristics of the specimen depending on second heat-treatment temperatures. Second heat treatments of the specimen were performed in the temperature range of 400 to $1350^{\circ}C$. X-ray diffraction patterns of $BaTiO_3$ thin films show that the specimen heat treated below $600^{\circ}C$ is an amorphous phase and the one heat treated above $1100^{\circ}C$ forms a poly-crystallization. In the specimen heat-treated at $1300^{\circ}C$, a lattice constant ratio (c/a) was 1.188. Scanning electron microscope(SEM) image of $BaTiO_3$ thin films of the specimen heat treated in between 900 and $1100^{\circ}C}$ shows a grain growth. At $1100^{\circ}C$, the specimen stops grain-growing and becomes a poly-crystallization.