Development of CCFL with Nb/Ni Gad Electrode for high efficiency

Nb/Ni Clad 전극을 이용한 고효율 CCFL 개발

  • Published : 2005.07.07


According as CCFL(Cold Cathode Fluorescent lamp) of light source in Backlight unit for Note PC (Personal computer) is presently needed to low power consumption and long life time, the development focus of CCFL is going on the discharge gas, phosphor and electrode material. First of all, discharge voltage characteristic of CCFL is closely connected with electrode material For low discharge voltage, the characteristic of electrode material is needed to low work function, low sputtering ratio and superior manufacturing property. We developed new CCFL with Nb/Ni Clad electrode superior to conventional CCFL. Because Nb/Ni Clad electrode with Ni material and Nb material, the electrical characteristic is superior to other electrode materials. The electrode of Nb/Ni Clad is composed that Ni of outside material has superior manufacturing property and Nb of inside material has low work function. Nb/Ni Clad of new electrode material is made by process of Rolling mill at high pressure and heat treatment. We compared electrical characteristic of Nb/Ni clad electrode with conventional Mo electrode by measurement. Mo electrode and Nb/Ni Clad electrode of cup type with diameter 1.1 mm and length 3.0mm are used to this experiment. Material content of Mo electrode is Mo 100%. But, Nb/Ni Clad electrode is composed by content of Nb 40% and Ni 60%. The result of comparison measurement between new CCFL with Nb/Ni Clad electrode and conventional CCFL was appeared that CCFL with Nb/Ni Clad electrode had superior characteristic than conventional CCFL. As a result of experiment, we completed Note PC with low power consumption and long life time by application of new CCFL with Nb/Ni Clad electrode.