Biosafety Challenges for the Microbiology Laboratory

  • Montville, Thomas J. (Department of Food Science, Cook College, New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station Rutgers the State University of New Jersey)
  • Published : 2005.06.30


Microbiology research must be conducted in a fashion that assures the health and well being of the researcher and the safety of the community. This lecture raises awareness of biosafety issues and discusses how the interaction of the pathogen being studied, the person conducting the research, and the practices being used can be manipulated to assure safety. The characterization of pathogens into Risk Groups, how these relate to Biosafety Levels, and the personal practices and laboratory design criteria associated with each Biosafety Level are explained. The importance of preventing or containing aerosols, limiting opportunities for cross-contamination, and taking a flexible multi-component approach to biosafety are emphasized.