Harmony Search Algorithm-Based Approach For Discrete Size Optimization of Truss Structures

  • Published : 2005.04.01


Many methods have been developed and are in use for structural size optimization problems, In which the cross-sectional areas or sizing variables are usually assumed to be continuous. In most practical structural engineering design problems, however, the design variables are discrete. This paper proposes an efficient optimization method for structures with discrete-sized variables based on the harmony search (HS) meta-heuristic algorithm. The recently developed HS algorithm was conceptualized using the musical process of searching for a perfect state of harmony. It uses a stochastic random search instead of a gradient search so that derivative information is unnecessary In this paper, a discrete search strategy using the HS algorithm is presented in detail and its effectiveness and robustness, as compared to current discrete optimization methods, are demonstrated through a standard truss example. The numerical results reveal that the proposed method is a powerful search and design optimization tool for structures with discrete-sized members, and may yield better solutions than those obtained using current method.