400MHz ISM대역 데이터 통신용 GFSK 송.수신기 설계 및 제작

Design and Fabrication of 400MHz ISM-Band GFSK Transceiver for Data Communication

  • 발행 : 2005.11.05


The GFSK Transceiver of 400MHz ISM band for data communication is designed and fabricated. To reduce the occupied bandwidth of transmitted signal, the GFSK modulation is selected. The measured results of fabricated transceiver show the data rate of 2400bps at 8.5kHz bandwidth, frequency deviation of less than $\pm$3kHz, sensitivity of -111dBm, SNR of 21.58dB. The fabricated transceiver is satisfied with the regulation of radio wave and has the good performance. This transceiver is well suited for data communication of 400MHz ISM band.