A Design of Insulted Diagnosis Sensor for GIS

GIS 절연진단 센서 설계

  • Published : 2005.11.05


If obstacle in GIS(Gas Insulted Switchgear), its affects are great are on the community and it is consequently demanded lots of difficulties to recover and repair. Accordingly, diagnosis techniques, that are able to prevent from accidents before they happen by providing more stable and highly reliable power effectively and finding sign of the accidents is very important A novel UHF(Ultra High Frequency)-microstrip antenna is presented. The measured impedance bandwidth of the proposed antenna is from 0.5[GHz] to 15[GHz] with the stop band from 0.5[GHz] to 10.7 [GHz] for VSWR<2. Form results of this study, The antenna is will play an important role for the sensor for insulation diagnosis system by UHF method of real site GIS and power equipment using SF$_6$ gas.


UHF;GIS;Microstrip antenna;Insulation diagnosis