Scan Element Characteristics of Open-Ended Waveguide Array Antenna

개방형 도파관 배열안테나의 조향소자 특성

  • Published : 2005.11.05


Scan Element Pattern(SEP) and Scan Impedance(SI) concepts are used to analyze the characteristics of open-ended waveguide array, which is the representative phased array antenna element in C-band and X-band. Transmit SEP's are calculated for 15$\sim$15 subarray and SI's are obtained by applying periodic boundary conditions for a unit cell of the given array condition. CST's MWS and Ansoft's HFSS are utilized for each analysis. Some relations are reviewed between the two results, which are based on mutual coupling effects. For validation purpose, an 8$\sim$8 subarray is constructed and tested. Transmit SEP measured in MTG's far-field range shows good agreement with the calculated transmit SEP.