Radiation Characteristics of Broadband Folded Cross Monopole Antennas

광대역 폴디드 십자형 모노폴 안테나의 복사 특성

  • Published : 2005.11.05


In this paper, the broadband FCMA(Folded Cross Monopole Antenna), which is the cross monopole antenna with the folded element, is presented. To investigate the broadband characteristics of FCMA the VSWR, the gain, and the radiation pattern are calculated in frequency between 1.75 GHz and 2.655 GHz. From the calculated result, it is shown that the presented folded cross monopole antenna has a excellent band characteristics than the existing cross monopole antenna. The presented antenna is conformed as a broadband antenna which can be used for the indoor antenna of PCS, WCDMA, Wibro, and satellite DMB band.