Design and Fabrication of Right Hand Circular Polarization Microstrip Patch Array Antenna for Ka Band with Mono-Pulse Feed

모노펄스 급전 구조를 갖는 Ka 대역 우회선 원편파 마이크로스트립 패치 배열 안테나 설계 및 제작

  • Published : 2005.11.05


Right hand circularly polarized Ka band microstrip patch array antenna was designed, manufacture and measurement were carried out. In order to lower axial ratio performance sequential rotation array technique was used. With mono-pulse feed There are sum and delta channel. Waveguide to microstrip transition was used. The 512 array antenna was performed which axial ratio is about 1.ldB in the half power beam width and also 1.ldB at the normal direction. Directivity gain of designed antenna is 32dB.


microstrip patch antenna;mono-pulse feed;sequential rotation;circular polarization