Design of a dual band circularly polarized antenna for 900 MHz / 2.45 GHz Hand-held RFID Reader

900 MHz / 2.45 GHz 대역 휴대용 FRID 리더를 위한 이중 대역 원형편파 안테나 설계

  • Published : 2005.11.05


This paper presents a dual band circularly polarized microstrip patch antenna. The antenna consists of two corner truncated patches implemented in one plane and single feed point. The input signal is directly excited to the patch 2 and the patch 1 is fed from patch 2 by coupling between two patches. The antenna is operated at 900 MHz and 2.45 GHz bands and has the right hand circularly polarized radiation pattern at all. The measured gains of the antenna are 2.95 dBic at 900 MHz band and 4.6 dBic at 2.45 GHz band.