A Design of RS Decoder for MB-OFDM UWB

MB-OFDM UWB 를 위한 RS 복호기 설계

  • 최성우 (ETRI 디지털홈연구단 무선홈네트워크연구팀) ;
  • 신철호 (ETRI 디지털홈연구단 무선홈네트워크연구팀) ;
  • 최상성 (ETRI 디지털홈연구단 무선홈네트워크연구팀)
  • Published : 2005.11.05


UWB is the most spotlighted wireless technology that transmits data at very high rates using low power over a wide spectrum of frequency band. UWB technology makes it possible to transmit data at rate over 100Mbps within 10 meters. To preserve important header information, MB-OFDM UWB adopts Reed-Solomon(23,17) code. In receiver, RS decoder needs high speed and low latency using efficient hardware. In this paper, we suggest the architecture of RS decoder for MB-OFDM UWB. We adopts Modified-Euclidean algorithm for key equation solver block which is most complex in area. We suggest pipelined processing cell for this block and show the detailed architecture of syndrome, Chien search and Forney algorithm block. At last, we show the hardware implementation results of RS decoder for ASIC implementation.