Design of A Low Voltage High Efficiency Class-E Amplifier for Wireless LAN

무선 LAN용 저전압 고효율 E급 증폭기 설계

  • Published : 2005.11.05


High-efficiency switched-mode circuits such as the class-E amplifier are well-known in the MHz frequency range. The class-E amplifier is a type of switching mode amplifier offering very high efficiency approaching 100%. In this paper of the class-E amplifier by using pHEMT device, the design has been done theoretically and experimentally, with simulation by using the harmonic balance method using circuit simulator. The amplifier using microstrip circuit and the pHEMT demonstrate 66% power-added- efficiency (PAE) at 2.4GHz with 17.6dBm of output power.


class-E amplifier;pHEMT;switched-mode;high efficiency