A study based on question on consciousness of electrical safety in electrical facilities for private use

자가용 전기설비 수용가의 전기안전의식에 대한 설문조사

  • 김선구 (전기안전연구원(한국전기안전공사 부설)) ;
  • 배석명 (전기안전연구원(한국전기안전공사 부설)) ;
  • 황광수 (전기안전연구원(한국전기안전공사 부설)) ;
  • 이건호 (전기안전연구원(한국전기안전공사 부설))
  • Published : 2005.05.13


In korea, the power consumption is increasing every year because of economic growth, requiring of convenience and delightfulness condition. As increasing power consumption, Private Use is steadily increasing and the rate of electrical accident is increasing. Therefore we research the electrical safety culture of our people by the survey of electrical safety. The subject to investigation is possessor, occupier of Private Use and electrical safety manager. This paper will be used to base data for the protection of electrical accident and facility accident at Private Use