Development of Language Study Machine Using Voice Recognition Technology

음성인식 기술을 이용한 대화식 언어 학습기 개발

  • Published : 2005.10.28


The best method to study language is to talking with a native speaker. A voice recognition technology can be used to develope a language study machine. SD(Speaker dependant) and SI(speaker independant) voice recognition method is used for the language study machine. MP3 Player. FM Radio. Alarm clock functions are added to enhance the value of the product. The machine is designed with a DSP(Digital Signal Processing) chip for voice recognition. MP3 encoder/decoder chip. FM tumer and SD flash memory card. This paper deals with the application of SD ad SD voice recognition. flash memory file system. PC download function using USB ports, English conversation text function by the use of SD flash memory. LCD display control. MP3 encoding and decoding, etc. The study contents are saved in SD flash memory. This machine can be helpful from child to adult by changing the SD flash memory.