Development of the Technology Transfer System In Reservoir operation

  • ITO Kazumasa (Research Center Sustainable Communities, CTI Engineering Co. LTD.) ;
  • IMANISHI Yumi (Research Center for Sustainable Communities CTI Engineering Co. LTD.)
  • Published : 2005.05.01


Water flow in rivers during flood season can be 10 to 100 fold higher than normal seasons (low precipitation) in Japan and predicting flood runoff is essential for operating reservoirs with discharging gates. Abundant experiences and knowledge are requisites for operators to be able to make efficient decisions at work. This research investigated a method to transfer technical knowledge by acquiring skills and knowledge from actual dam operators and by using the information to construct an educational training system. The purpose of the research was to enable the execution of a secure and rational reservoir operation during flood period. The educational training system for reservoir operation was developed with the focuses on acquiring knowledge on hydraulics and hydrology and learning about decision making related to the reservoir operation as well as the timing of control. The system is capable of conducting education that corresponds to individual levels in each location. Of the educational training methods, a lecture method that uses textbooks is effective for the understanding of basic knowledge and concepts while a training method that uses a simulation device is essential for the practice of advanced and specialized procedures in specific fields. Simulation devices are used in operational training for airplane flight and driving cars and trains. The educational system presented here was designed to provide further assistance to those who have acquired basic knowledge and concepts through textbooks and also to at low them to perform the satisfactory operation of dam equipment. Our research proposes a method which can realize a system to acquire technical skills-the skills which are the foundation of technical knowledge and operation.