The Seismic Behavior of Corrugated Steel Plate Lining in Cut-and-Cover Tunnel

개착식 터널에서 파형강판 라이닝의 동적 거동 특성

  • Kim Jung-Ho (Civil Engineering Team, SK Engineering & Construction) ;
  • Kim Nag-Young (Geotechnical Engrg. Division, Highway & Transportation Technology Institute, Korea Highway Corporation) ;
  • Lee Yong-Jun (POSCO Engineering & Construction) ;
  • Lee Seung-Ho (Dept. of Civil Engrg., Sangji Univ.) ;
  • Chung Hyung-Sik (Dept. of Civil Engrg., Hanyang Univ.)
  • Published : 2005.04.01


Most tunnel lining material which has been used in the domestic is a concrete. But many problems as the construction period, the cost, and the crack occurrence for the design, construction, and management were happened in the concrete lining. For this reason, many research institutes like the Korea Highway Corporation recognize the necessity of an alternate material development and grow on the interest for that. So in this study, the seismic behaviour characteristics for the application of the Corrugated Steel Plate Lining in cut-and-cover tunnel are evaluated as several conditions for the backfill height, the cutting slope, and the relative density of backfill soil are changed. The compressive stress which is calculated in the Corrugated Steel Plate Lining by the seismic load is decreased as the backfill height increases and the cut slope grows gentle. Also, the moment shows the tendency of decrease according to the increase of the backfill height. But in the case of the relative density of the backfill soil is small, the moment increases according to the increase of the backfill height and affects the dynamic behaviour characteristic. So it is considered that the relative density of the backfill soil is also the important point. As the result in analyzing the seismic response characteristics of the reinforcement spacing of the Corrugated Steel Plate, the variation in the compressive force is hardly happened, but the moment and the shear force increase on the reinforcement spacing being narrow.