An Analysis of Technical Efficiency in Korean RCC/RSC

우리나라 RCC/RSC별 운영효율성 분석

  • Jang Woon-Jae (Graduate school of Mokpo National Maritime University) ;
  • Keum Jong-Soo (Division of Maritime transportation system, Mokpo National Maritime University)
  • 장운재 (목포해양대학교대학원) ;
  • 금종수 (목포해양대학교 해상운송시스템학부)
  • Published : 2004.11.01


This paper is to measure and ealuates the technical efficiency, pure technical efficiency and scale efficiency with three inputs and two outputs with the use of DEA(data envelopment analysis) in Korean RCC(Rescue Co-ordination Center/RSC(Rescue Sub-Center). Several conclusion emerge. first the average efficiency of overall technical efficiency measure about $91.03\%$ and pure technical efficiency $96.80\%$ is much large then scale efficiency $93.83\%$. It means that inefficiency has much more to do whit the inefficient utilization of resources rather then the scale of production. second, DRS(decreasing return to scale) is Tongyeong and IRS(increasing return to scale) is Incheon, Taean, Gunsan, Yeosu, Ulsan, Donghae in RCC/RSC. finally, inefficiency RCC/RSC. have to benchmarking with reference sets.