The Use of Orbital TIG Welding Process for the Construction and the Repair of Field Piping

자동 오비탈 TIG 용접기술을 이용한 배관 용접

  • Published : 2004.05.01


Orbital TIG welding process being used fur the new construction, the repair of nuclear piping system ana other critical piping. When weld quality is important or there are a large number of similar weld to be made or when access is restricted with manual torch, Orbital TIG welding is most effective process because of practical for out-of-position and high weld quality. Furthermore, typically superior to manual TIG welding process where the pipe remains in place and the tungsten electrode orbits the weld. As smaller and more compact welding head is being developed, could operate in tight spaces and lend itself to this type of application better than any other welding process. Orbital TIG welding has become more and more field practical process.