Premature Failure of Deep Grooved Ball Bearing for Automobiles : Part 1 - A Failure Mechanism

자동차용 깊은홈 볼베어링의 조기파손 : 1보 - 파손기구의 규명

  • 현준수 (FAG한화베어링(주)) ;
  • 박태조 (경상대학교 BK21사업단, 항공기부품기술연구센타)
  • Published : 2003.11.01


This paper deals with a premature failure mechanism of deep grooved ball bearing for automobiles. A close examination of used bearings revealed that the premature failure could be arose by dents on the ball. Universal testing machine with specially designed tools is used to simulate the practical dents on the ball and test bearings are assembled with dented balls and new hearing components. The endurance test results showed that the dents on the balls were printed on the races and these phenomena come to premature failure.