Fixing unit and byte improvement of unit for cutting of projecting parts connects with interior part of drainpipe

하수관로 연결돌출부 절단기 유닛 고정유닛과 바이트 개선

  • Published : 2003.06.01


The issue with the drainpipe now a day is that they are laid underground Causing us to perform additional work to repair, such as digging up the ground and peeling off the insulator that surrounds the pipe. And such series works are difficult that concession appears from government and municipal office. However, if we can save time and money. Performance of piping robot that we are studied in existing session through fixing unit and improvement of cutting byte shorten and wished to heighten work efficiency. This is why we aye trying to develop a unit that can cut up the projecting parts which connects with the interior part of the drainpipes.