The uptake of basic amino acids into fibroblasts was enhanced by PCA.

  • Published : 2003.09.01


Previously, we reported that L-PCA enhanced blood circulation by modulating constitutive NO production. It was that L-PCA increased L-Arg uptake into endothelial cell, followed by the enhancement of NO production. Then we recommended the use of L-PCA for cosmetics, not only as humectants but also as enhancer of blood circulation. Since L-Arg is transported into endothelial cells by CAT (cationic amino acid transporter), it is expected that L-PCA also increase the uptake of basic amino acid, L-Lys. In this study, the uptakes of some amino acids into cells were evaluated by using 3H-labelled amino acid. Then we found the tendency that the uptake of L-Lys into endothelial cells was also enhanced by L-PCA. And the evident effect was observed in the epidermal fibroblasts, which had also CAT. Furthermore, it was found that the transportation of the other type of amino acids were not enhanced by L-PCA. That is to say, a famous moisturizer, L-PCA, has some effects on basic amino acid transport into cells.