The implementation of Access Control System using Biometric System

Biometric System(fingerprint Reader)을 이용한 Access Control System 구현에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2003.05.01


In this paper, a system that implementation of Access Control System Using Biometric System. Biometrics is science which deals with verifying or recognizing using physiological or behavioral characteristic Access Control System uses Biometric system to make an access control system. Biometrics goes under the study of bio-recognition or bio-measurement. It is a technology or study that identifies individuals using one's Biometric character. Access control system is a system used to identify one's entrance and exit, personal management, and security. Access control system can be joined with Biometric system to produce easier use and more sufficient effects. Access control system using Wiegand (Data Format) signal output, can replace earlier RF Card systems and make an access control (security) system. It uses RS-232, Rs-422 or TCP/IP type communication with the computer so an embedded system can be controlled using the software.