The basic study of the detail development of the Wall-type APT joint using Slip Form and Deck plate.

Slip Form과 Deck Plate를 채용한 벽식 APT의 접합부 Detail개발의 기초적 연구

  • Published : 2003.05.01


The purpose of current study is about how to construct wall-type APT in slip form and Deck plate applied different connection of materials that wall and slab. A proposal construct's solution is using the continuous a binding string that the main of contents are slab or stairs which horizon structure part construction is joined the vertical structure part, new we Proposed of 2 solution that new technology development. We'll suggest that the development is in the construct of higher stories APT more better other construction method. We expect that the new method is good but we have many things to solute themes. Thus, we decided that this development contents are needed that correct structural investigation and constructor's security of speciality and through a fact construct, correct verification.