Deformability and Confinement of Structural Wall with Boundary Element

단부횡보강된 구조벽의 변형능력 및 보강방법

  • Published : 2003.03.01


For performance-base design using nonlinear static analysis, it is required to predict the inelastic behavior of structural members accurately. In the present study, nonlinear numerical analysis was performed to develop the method describing the moment-curvature relationship of structural wall with boundary confinement. Through the numerical analysis, variations of behavioral characteristics and failure mechanism with the arrangement of vertical reiforcement and the length of boundary confinement were studied. Based on the findings, moment-curvature curves and curvature capacity for walls with a variety of re-bar arrangement was developed. By equalizing curvature capacity to demand, a design method which can determine the length of boundary confinement, was developed and for the effectiveness of boundary confinement and constructability, boundary confinement detail was proposed.