The Performance Evaluation of Newly Developed Concrete Slab Track

개발형 콘크리트 슬래브궤도의 성능평가

  • Published : 2003.10.01


The purpose of this study is to establish the test procedure of concrete slab track and to estimate the performance of newly developed slab track. The basic direction of conceptual design of KRRI Slab track was determined in the viewpoint of running safety, economic efficiency and maintenance costs. Based on the research results, a detailed conceptual design of KRRI slab track is suggested. For the systematic development of slab track, a comparative study is carried out, comparing merits and demerits of each slab type, and used in the design process of slab track. Slab track tests were performed at lab and the slab track system was improved by the experiment result. Site Test also were performed in test slab track.