Planting-Ability Properties of Porous Concrete as Gradation and Void Ratio

포러스콘크리트의 골재입도 및 공극률에 따른 식생능력평가

  • Published : 2002.10.01


As a notion of environment protection changes throughout the world, construction engineers, as part of the effort to resolve environmental problems, have been actively doing research on environmental friendly porous concrete using large and non-uniform aggregate. Porous Concrete enables water and air to pass through a firmly hardened material and allows required nutrients to reach roots of plants. The purpose of this study is to analyze planting ability when the change of aggregate gradation and void ratio. The results of an experiment from the planting ability of the porous concrete to its influence on the compressive strength are reported in this paper. As a result of the experiment, the compressive strength is higher when the gradation of aggregate is smaller, and it also goes higher when the void ratio gets smaller The planting ability of porous concrete is decided by the germination and the grass length of Indigofera pseudo-tinctoria(IPT). The length of IPT is longer when the gradation of aggregate is greater and the void ratio gets smaller.