A robust method for derivation of the new closed-form Green관s functions for microstrip structures and its application to a fast MoM

마이크로스트립 구조에 관한 새로운 closed-form 그린함수 유도를 위한 견실한 방법과 빠른 모멘트법으로의 응용

  • Kim, Eui-Joong (School of Electronic Engineering, Kum-oh National University of Technology)
  • Published : 2002.11.01


A very fast method of moments(MoM) for the analysis of microstrip structure is considered based upon the use of rooftop basis and razor test functions in conjunction with a new closed-form Green's functions. The present method presents a robust approach to obtain the Green's functions which can be derived by use of only one set of approximation parameters independently of operating frequency range. Moreover, using the present MoM scheme, the MoM matrix elements can be analytically evaluated with few number of terms in comparison with the previous method. So, the computational efficiency can be improved significantly without loss of the precision. In order to check the validity of the present method, performance is demonstrated for the example of a coaxially-fed microstrip transmission line and the present results are compared with the previous results.