A Novel Wideband and Compact Photonic Bandgap Structure using Double-Plane Superposition

양면 중첩기법을 이용하는 새로운 광대역의 소형 포토닉 밴드갭 구조

  • 김진양 (아주대학교 전자공학부) ;
  • 방현국 (아주대학교 전자공학부)
  • Published : 2002.11.01


A novel photonic bandgap(PBG) structure is proposed and measured for wide bandgap and compact circuit applications. The proposed structure realizes the ultra-wideband bandgap(2-octave) characteristics by superposing two different PBG structures into a coupled double-plane configuration. A low pass filter fabricated using 3-period of the PBG cells shows 2-octave 10 ㏈ stopband from 4.3 to 16.2 ㎓ and 0.2 ㏈ insertion loss in the passband. Moreover, we confirmed that 44∼70 % size reduction can be achieved using the proposed PBG structures. We expect this novel double-plane PBG structure is widely used for compact and wideband circuit applications, such as compact high-efficiency power amplifiers using harmonic tuning techniques.