Development of Circular Loop Array Antenna for LS Band Operation

LS Band용 원형 루프 배열 안테나의 제작 및 측정

  • 전중창 (위덕대학교 정보통신공학부) ;
  • 김태수 (위덕대학교 정보통신공학부)
  • Published : 2002.11.01


In this paper, we present a simple design method and measurement results for circular loop antenna arrays, which can be used for LS band operation, such as access point antennas in the wireless LAN system. It has been shown that the input impedance of a circular loop can be adjusted near 100 $\Omega$ using a short stub. The length of the stub can be immediately determined in the work place through the measurement of S11 with a network analyzer. Fabricated arrays show high antenna gains as much as 12.4㏈i and 15.1 ㏈i at the center frequency of 2.45 ㎓ for 4${\times}$l and 4${\times}$2 array, respectively. These types of loop arrays can be fabricated at a low cost.


circular loop antenna;array antenna;stub;impedance matching