Minimum Requirement of Front-End in W-CDMA RF Receiver

W-CDMA RF 수신기 전단의 최소 요구사항

  • 심재성 (연세대학교 전기전자공학과) ;
  • 육종관 (연세대학교 전기전자공학과) ;
  • 박한규 (연세대학교 전기전자공학과) ;
  • 하동인 (삼성전자 무선개발실)
  • Published : 2002.11.01


This paper presents a quantitative analysis on the intermodulation product between transmitter W-CDMA leakage signal and receiver out of band blocker, and proposes design guide lines for overcoming the effect in receiver design. Our analysis shows that duplexer isolation, attenuation and LNA IIP3 are mainly responsible for the 3rd order intermodulation product. Analysis also shows that LNA IIP3 required for meeting 3GPP TS 34.121 specification is about 1 ㏈m with duplexer isolation of 50 ㏈ and duplexer attenuation of 24㏈.