On-wafer Tuning of the TFBAR Ladder Filters

박막공진 여파기에 대한 기판위에서의 튜닝

  • Published : 2002.11.01


In this paper, Thin film bulk acoustic resonate.(TFBAR) fillers tuned by gold plated on-wafer inductors are presented. The air-gap type TEBAR is used with aluminum nitride(AIN) as piezoelectric material and platinum as top and bottom electrodes. Inductor equivalent model and modified Butterworth-Van Dyke(MBVD) model are employed for the frequency tuning of fabricated TFBAR bandpass filters. Fabricated inductor has inductance of 3 nH and Q factor of about 8 at 2 ㎓. It is clearly revealed that inductor tuning can enhance the bandwidth of ladder filters and improve out-of-band rejection characteristic around 10㏈.