Landmarks in The Skull for Stereotactic Radiotherapy

  • Published : 2002.09.01


Stereotactic radiotherapy is required to irradiate a small tumor accurately. The radiotherapy showing improves when making an accidental error little boundlessly. It is performed according to treatment planning that is established by the outside landmark of head. At present, when stereotactic radiotherapy for a head is done, the Leksell Flame is fixed on the head, and positioning based on the point and so on which it is in that fixed implement is performed. However, there are problems on the method done at present in the point such as reappearance when the fractionated irradiation method in which the Leksell Flame is removed and installed at every treatment is done because there are landmarks outside the head. Landmarks in the skull were decided, and that precision was examined for the purpose of the improvement of the radiation therapeutic gain. Linac-graphy with longitudinal and lateral view were taken with 6 MV photon beams. A distance to base point inside the skull, each film measured the angle from a center of the small irradiation field, and comparison was done. From the results, a large accidental error wasn't seen as a result of the measurement by every film. Stereotactic radiotherapy for a head treatment had an accidental error of about several millimeters when treatment positioning was done. Therefore, it was thought that there was no problem about an accidental error to arise by putting a landmark in the skull. And, because an accidental error was easy to discover, we thought that modification could be done easily. It was suggested that a landmark in the skull on thus study were useful for improvement of stereotactic radiotherapy.