Reduction of Carbon Tetrachloride at Different pHs in Pyrolusite Catalyzed Fenton-like reduction

Pyrolusite으로 촉매화된 펜톤유사반응에서 pH변화에 따른 사염화탄소(CT)의 환원분해

  • Published : 2002.09.01


According to recent investigations regarding Fenton-like reaction, it was reported that there was a key factor to decompose organic materials by not only the hydoroxyl radical but also several reductants which were superoxide anion and hydroperoxide anion. This research was focused on an investigation of the decomposition of carbon tetrachloride(CT) by reductants which were generated by pyrolusite with hydrogen peroxide. Generally, CT decomposition rate increased with raising pH values. Especially,, CT was decomposed over 60 percent by 10,000 ppm of hydrogen peroxide within 10 minutes in neutral condition. In addition, the decomposition of chlorinated compounds would be accelerated in alkaline condition, even with low concentration of hydrogen peroxide.