Application of Neural Network to Prediction and estimation of Rolling Condition for Hydraulic members

유압구동부재의 구름운동상태 예지 및 판정을 위한 신경 회로망의 적용

  • Published : 2002.10.01


It can be effect on diagnosis of hydraulic machining system to analyze working conditions with shape characteristics of wear debris in a lubricated machine. But, in order to predict and estimate working conditions, it is need to analyze the shape characteristics of wear debris and to identify. Therefor, if shape characteristics of wear debris is identified by computer image analysis and the neural network, it is possible to find the cause and effect of moving condition. In this study, wear debris in the lubricant oil are extracted by membrane filter, and the quantitative value of shape characteristics of wear debris we calculated by the digital image processing. This morphological informations are studied and identified by the artificial neural network. The purpose of this study is In apply morphological characteristics of wear debris to prediction and estimation of working condition in hydraulic driving systems.