Investigation of LN2 Lubrication Effect in Cryogenic Machining -Part 3: Nitrogen Lubrication Mechanism related to Chip Microstructures-

초 냉각 가공에서의 LN2 의 감찰 효과 연구 -절삭 칩 미세 구조에 관한 나이트로젠 감찰-

  • Published : 2002.05.01


Machinability improvement by the use of liquid nitrogen in cryogenic machining has been reported in various studies. This has been mostly attributed to the cooling effect of liquid nitrogen. However, No study has been found in discussion on whether liquid nitrogen possesses lubrication effect in cryogenic cutting. This paper presents lubrication mechanism related to chip microstructure. The friction reduction was further reflected In larger shear angle and less secondary deformation in the chip microstructures.