Design and Implementation of A Display system for a Visual Monitoring system supporting multichannel display in multi screen division display modes

다채널 및 다중 화면 분할 모드를 지원하는 영상 감시 장치의 디스플레이 시스템 설계 및 구현

  • 정연권 (숭실대학교 정보통신전자공학부) ;
  • 정선태 (숭실대학교 정보통신전자공학부)
  • Published : 2002.06.01


DVR(Digital Video Recorder), a recently popular visual monitoring system, is required to support multi camera channel display(upto 16 channels) with various display modes in real-time. For such a multichannel display system, it is well known that tearing artifacts become more serious. Thus, one needs to design a display system for DVR so that it does not show tearing artifacts as much as possible, but keeps real-time display speed. In this paper, we present our efforts in designing and implementing a display system which rarely ever shows tearing artifacts, but without degradation of required real-time display speed, and which displays character information stably without blinking.