FPGA Implementation of Riindael Algorithm according to the Three S-box Implementation Methods

Rijndael S-box의 세 가지 구현 방법에 따른 FPGA 설계

  • Published : 2002.06.01


Rijndael algorithm is known to a new private key block cipher which is substitute for DES. Rijndael algorithm is adequate to both hardware and software implementation, so hardware implementation of Rijndael algorithm is applied to high speed data encryption and decryption. This paper describes three implementation methods of Rijndael S-box, which is important factor in performance of Rijndael coprocessor. It shows synthesis results of each S-box implementation in Xilinx FPGA. Tllc lilree S-box implementation methods are implementation using lookup table only, implementation using both lookup table and combinational logic, and implementation using combinational logic only.