Quasi Static Test of Lap Spliced Shear-Flexure RC Piers Using Real Scale Models

주철근 겹침이음된 휨-전단 RC교각의 실물모형 준정적 실험

  • 곽임종 (한국건설기술연구원) ;
  • 조창백 (한국건설기술연구원 연구원) ;
  • 조정래 (한국건설기술연구원 연구원) ;
  • 김영진 (한국건설기술연구원) ;
  • 김병석 (한국전설기술연구원 수석연구원)
  • Published : 2002.03.01


The past bridge design specifications of Korea didn't include 1imitation on the amount of lap splices in the plastic hinge zone of piers, and so do current specifications. But these specifications include just limitation on the minimal length of lap splices. Thus, a large majority of non-seismically designed bridge piers may have lap splices in plastic hinge zone. In this study, model pier was selected among existent bridge piers whose failure mode is complex shear-flexure mode. Full scaled RC pier models whose aspect ratio is about 2.67 were constructed and quasi static test according to the drift level history was implemented. From the test results, effect of the lap splices on the seismic performance of bridges piers was analyzed, and the seismic capacity of the model bridges was evaluated by capacity spectrum method.