Interface element method (IEM) for a partitioned system with non-matching interfaces

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  • Published : 2001.11.01


A novel method for non-matching interfaces on the boundaries of the finite elements in partitioned domains is presented by introducing interface elements in this paper. The interface element method (IEM) satisfies the continuity conditions exactly through interfaces without recourse to the Lagrange multiplier technique. The moving least square (MLS) approximation in the present study is implemented to construct the shape functions of the interface elements. Alignment of the boundaries of sub-domains in the MLS approximation and integration domains provides a consistent numerical integration due to one form of rational functions in an integration domain. The compatibility of displacements on the boundaries of the finite elements and the interface elements is always preserved in this method, and the completeness of the shape functions of the interface elements guarantees the convergence of numerical solutions. The numerical examples show that the interface element method is a useful tool for the analysis of a partitioned system and for a global-local analysis.