An Experimental Study on the Separating Effect of Pulverized Coal at Coal Nozzle with Coal Separator

석탄 노즐내 미분탄 분리장치의 입자 분리 효과에 관한 실험적 연구

  • Published : 2001.11.01


Recently, according to increase in the requirement of electric power, a thermoelectric power plant equipped with pulverized coal combustion system is highly valued, because coal has abundant deposits and a low price compared with others. For efficient use of coal fuel, most of plant makers are studying to improve combustion performance and flame stability, and reduce pollutant emission. One of these studies is how to control the profile of particle injection and velocity dependant on coal nozzle. Basically, a mixed flow of gas and particle in coal nozzle is required to have appropriate injection and concentration distribution at exit to achieve flame stability and low pollutant, but it is very difficult to obtain that without help of a coal separating device within nozzle. In this study, each distribution of air and coal flow rate is measured for the coal nozzle with coal separator developed by us. The coal concentration at exit is various according to inlet swirl values and positions of coal separator. Also pressure drop is measured for various operating conditions of this nozzle. From these results, we can find the separation characteristic of new developed coal separator, and select proper operation range of coal nozzle. When this coal nozzle is applied to actual plant, these investigations will be very useful to confirm the shape of coal separator to have efficient particle injection.